Thursday, November 03, 2011

Picking up where Google Reader left off.

I don't know how many of you used to read the stuff I shared on Google Reader, or how many of you maybe used Google Reader in your own right (or use it still), but: Google redesigned Reader and removed all of its social functions last week, and now it's bullshit. It was a wonky, creaky, messy thing before, but it was my source for ongoing conversation with a small group of regular friends/sharers, far from the ridiculum of facebook and the perplexing tumbleweed- and cricket-infested landscape of Google+. It seems that the people at Google didn't know how people were using Reader or didn't actually give a shit, and were trying to force migration to Google+ by making it the most convenient (albeit multi-step and completely unintuitive) way to share content from Reader. The redesign is so wack that former Google techjockeys are offering their services to Google to make it better.

Anyway, until Reader magically meets all my feed-reading and sharing needs, I and some other folks will be sharing stuff on Come on over, check out the scene, leave comments, ask questions, and direct us to other interesting things on the internet.

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