Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend activities.

First, I went to Ulta for some ridge filler and cruelty-free polish (Orly, Wet n Wild, China Glaze) and hair goop (Paul Mitchell). Then I returned some bike shorts to REI (I should not even bother trying with the bike shorts because they will never fit my legs, butt, AND waist at the same time). Then I watched Psych and did galaxy nails:

Galaxy nails.

If I were a nail blogger I'd have a picture of all the colors I used, but I am no nail blogger. That's like a whole nutty subculture that I haven't gotten into, apart from stalking some tutorials. This is super-easy; you just need makeup sponges for application. Slap on a dark night sky base, and then sponge thin layers of (sparkly) other colors til you have something you like, then apply top coat. Look at pics of nebulas (nebulae?) for inspiration:

Saturday was a beautiful day, so naturally I stayed indoors (d'oh). I stood in my closet for hours, inventorying my clothes and trying things on. Then I put together 25 outfits and wrote them down. While all this was going on, I handwashed three tubs full of wool stuff and a bonus tub of silk stuff with Eucalan. Sooooo virtuous! I mean I'd only had one of the sweaters for like 10 years without washing it. Am I gross? Maybe I was, but not anymore! I also did regular laundry at the same time. Conclusion: I don't need to buy any more clothes, ever. Having said that, I am stalking vests on ebay.

Then yesterday Molly & co hosted the whole family for pumpkin carving (and chili and cornbread and stuff), which is about as Halloweenie as I'm getting this year (not that I'm planning to turn out the lights and close the blinds or anything). Though I HAVE had "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" in my head all day. How can you not?

ETA: I completely forgot to mention another virtuous thing I did, which was to weatherproof all my boots. I win for weekend wardrobe care.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wardrobe concepts.

Today in First World Problems, I have been thinking about my personal style concept for the current season and I'm coming up short. I think I need to spend some quality time in my closet assembling outfits so that when I get up in the morning I can put on my biking clothes and quickly pack up my work outfit without agonizing over what I'm going to wear. Also, I need a winter biking dress. I like to wear a skirt over whatever warm leggings I'm wearing for functional biking because I'm not really down with my spandex ass hanging out. It's just how I prefer to roll. I like to look a little less sporty, I guess. I tried to buy the Ibex hoody dress off the Public Bikes site when it was SUPER cheap a couple months ago, but the special broke the site and I couldn't check out before all the dresses in my size had disappeared. Wahhh.

Anyway, so at work Tricia and I have been talking about our fashion, such as it is, and she is currently working the Superhero theme, which is mostly about tight pants, shiny boots, and flapping overlayers that might double as capes. I totally support Superhero, though it will not work for me. In the past, my wardrobe concept has basically been Short Pants, and then later it was Skirts and Boots. Not much of a concept, really. So here are some others I might choose this year:

  1. Arty Lady of a Certain Age: Eileen Fisher, chunky necklaces, expensive flats, billowing garments in general.
  2. Tweedy Gentleman: knickers, argyle, cravats.
  3. Shawshank Prison Inmate: seriously the jeans in that movie are the best.
  4. Samurai Poet: hakama pants, slippers, and little wrap sweaters: my top contender.
  5. 80s Businesswoman: duh.
  6. One Dress to Rule Them All: find ideal dress, wear it every day, hope that it doesn't awaken the Nazgul.
  7. Copycat: only replicate outfits worn by popular fashion bloggers.
  8. Kitty Cat: dress like a kitty every day, which is how my sister's friend became class president in elementary school.
  9. Jumpsuit Superstar: this (actually, but seriously, if I could find a coverall that was the correct shape and that draped really nicely I would buy several and wear them every day).
  10. Ensconced in Velvet: I read this to Tricia and she said "oooooh, milady!"
  11. Twee as Fuck
  12. Directoire, minus the hobble hems, but plus turbans X 1000.
  13. Fashion it So
  14. Whatever is happening on the cover of Labelle's first album; let's call it Denim Circus:

    (also, please, if you have a larger photo of this, show it to me.)
  15. An adjunct to the previous: 70s Dirtbag
  16. Severe and Germanic:

    Bonus points if you can arrange to stand next to Jason Priestley all the time.
  17. Oversized Everything: prints, jewels, accessories, shirts, like in the 90s when we all bought our long sleeved tees from the Gap men's section.
  18. Monochrome
  19. Jem: truly outrageous.
  20. Margo Leadbetter, who is seriously one of my style icons:

I am shocked that there aren't more image search results for this character (or the actress herself), because she looked super fresh on every episode of "The Good Life" (AKA "Good Neighbors" in the US).

If only biking in a maxi dress and turban were easier.

Please leave your contributions/votes in the comments.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I am done with my paperrrrrrrrrr. Done done done. I'm praying no one will ask me for revisions, but if they do I am ready for it. I'm also ready to remove the scanner, books, and papers from the coffee table and think about what on earth I might do next.

Here are some celebratory rings and a wig you could buy me, to congratulate me for being rad.

Big ass rose cut chocolate diamond by kateszabone

Vanilla cherry wig by MissVioletLace

Rose cut green tourmaline by JanishJewels

Oregon sunstone and recycled gold ring by mcfarlanddesigns

Spessartine drusy ring by masaoms

Also, this party dress:

50s tulle lace dress from IKAHN

I will wear all of it at the same time and be VERY FETCHING.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Y'all. Y'ALLLLLLL. Please tell me how to conclude my fucking paper. I know part of it involves going for a walk, possibly painting my nails, petting the cats, destroying my high score on Bejeweled, making tea, drinking tea, and maybe folding some laundry. But beyond that I am clueless. I need this thing out of my hands, today. The bibliography is done, the footnotes are formatted, the musical examples scanned and cropped and wrangled. I read the whole thing out loud last night, including the many poems I quote, and I fixed things I never would have seen had I just read it silently. I cut out many cherished bits of my stellar prose, probably 10 pages worth, and unceremoniously tossed them in a file called EXTRA BITS. I hope to delete EXTRA BITS soon, just as soon as I've written the conclusion and know for certain that I will not ever need the EXTRA BITS ever.

But really though, if you know how I should wrap it up besides writing THE END, holler at me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That Etsy faves post I ordered.

Not that you were like WAITING for it or anything.

Merino fingerless gloves from ianbaldry (Minneapolis holla!)

Porcelain Left/Right Earrings from lilarubyking

Red-orange Fire-King bowls from blurredvisionary

Handwoven tencel scarf from billysuetextiles

Tulip print stuffed mini dachshund from aliceapple

Big crocheted floor cushions from lacasadecoto

A pair of mid-century modern hanging candle holders from MellowMermaid

Red vessel earrings (I love everything in this shop, someone please buy all of it for me) from nervoussystem

Blue leather iphone (or WHATEVER, it doesn't have to be an iphone) case from broundoor

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the drafts folder.

1. Ace is fine. His bloodwork and urinalysis came back perfectly clean; is apparently a "very normal cat" (with some tartar and gingivitis and this obsession with licking his belly fur off). So what was up with him? We may never know. The vet did say a weird thing about cats, which is that frequently their owners sense something is going on, bring them in, find out there's nothing wrong, and then within a few weeks the cats have declined and their bloodwork is all haywire. So I'll just keep watching him, I guess.

2. The weather here has been bonkers. Today was 75 degrees or so, and just balmy as you please, but with crunchy leaves and beautiful colors all over the place. Last week it was in the 80s. The cats, speaking of cats because I am a cat lady, have been galvanized by all the smells and noises, and I've been letting them run/slink/roll around in the backyard. First I let them out supervised, then I let them out and just checked on them, and then I let Momo out unsupervised, which ended with her standing on top of the fence near the garage roof, wondering what to do next. I guess I have to keep an eye on her. All Ace wants to do is roll and dig in the dirt, and attack a willow branch that I wave at him. Momo is also into the branch.


I like giving them the exercise/mindblowing world expansion of the backyard, but the problem is that now they won't shut up about it.


3. I didn't meet my self-imposed thesis deadline but things are coming along. I have done just about everything in my power to avoid working on it in the last week, but then I have also worked on it. What's crappy is that my best working hours are generally from like 9:30 PM on, and I can't fuck around with staying up all night to write, so the evening worktime is practically over before it gets started, siiiigh. And just so you know, putting musical examples into a paper is the worst. THE WORSSSSST.

4. I've been looking at and I encourage you to do the same, but I have to admit that it makes me feel panicky and I am in a good situation over here. But after going through several pages the only thoughts in my head are "I can never, ever quit my job" and "I can never, ever be without health insurance."

5. I ran 6 miles last week after pretty much giving up on running when bike season started in earnest. It's hard to think about doing other exercise when you bike 15 miles most days. Happily, the running was not horrifying. I managed it and it felt pretty good. Just in time for the weather to turn shitty and for me to curl up on the couch and stop moving my ass. November is going to be Move Yer Ass part 2, trust.

6. I have made socca many more times using a variety of recipes, all of which are readily googleable. Basically I whisk 1 part chickpea flour with like 1.5 parts water, a glug of olive oil, and some salt to make a thin batter. Let it sit for an hour or two at room temp, then add herbs/spices to taste and fry it up in a pan like crepes or pancakes (depending on how thin it turns out). Then gobble right out of the pan like a big freak. Or put it on a plate; it's really your call. I've found that letting the batter sit really mitigates the beany flavor that these can have. Half hour=a little beany. Hour=hardly beany at all.

I have also baked it at 400 for about 25 minutes in a VERY nonstick round 9 inch cake pan and then finished it under the broiler for about 2 minutes more. In fact, I am eating that now with a chunky red sauce (eggplant, spinach, kalamata olives) and it's delicious. A little bit like polenta, but with crispy bits. And more protein and fiber! I think I'll bake it longer next time and see what happens. Also, next time I might make it with cocoa powder and a little agave. I'm just saying.

7. I have a cold. A cold that was not helped by the surprise downpour I biked home in yesterday.

8. I reaaaaalllly want to do an Etsy faves post right now but that would be the biggest work derail ever. Here is just one thing for your delectation:

The very fierce Mona jacket from lauragalic. For when it's finally cool enough to wear a coat.

9. Oh, one more thing. I've been loving Fit and Feminist. Very thoughtful, excellent writing about a variety of topics relating to health, wellness, and exercise. The posts are all great, but here's a great place to start. There's also an excellent counterpoint comment on that post that is worth reading too.

Okay byeeeee! Back to work.