Friday, January 13, 2012

Mini update.

I got on Pinterest awhile back, finally, mostly because I needed a place to keep track of pictures of ladies with platinum hair. Going platinum is on my list and I keep putting it off because 1) expensive 2) high-maintenance) and 3) my head has been really itchy this winter and putting bleach on it seems like a bad idea. If any of you have miracle cures for an itchy head, let me know. Dandruff/dryness isn't my issue. It's just fucking itchy.

So anyway, I have a pinboard that's full of plausible and some implausible haircolors, if you're interested. I tried to focus on people with dark eyes/brows and more olive-y skin tones because those are harder to find and more like me.

Then I went crazy doing my nails for a stretch and started collecting manicures on pinterest too. Then my nails fell apart and because of all the packing and the cardboard and the moving they fell apart more, so nail polish and I are on a break. Do you have a solution for that too? I'm taking biotin supplements, wearing gloves when I wash dishes, and trying to keep them suckers moisturized generally, but they persist in flaking. So the nail art is temporarily on hold, which is too bad because I have a LOT of supplies.

Oh hell, just go ahead and follow all my boards, if you're over there. I don't think it's the best designed site in the entire universe (why can't I block certain results/people?), but for the way I want to use it, it works pretty well.

We have a three day weekend here and I am hoping to use part of it to catch up on sleep. I have been all night-owly this week, but still getting up for work, so I'm running a small deficit over here. Last night I went out to Hipshaker, a periodic (monthly maybe?) vintage soul/R & B dance party, with my sister Molly and a couple of friends. It was a great reason to stay up too late and get all sweated up on the dance floor, but I am paying for it a bit today. Fortunately, my happy hour co-conspirator and I both just came to the conclusion that we would rather skip it, so I can take a disco nap before I meet sister Emily to hear this fellow, Adam Svec. You can listen to his whole recent album at the bandcamp site, and it is good.

Happy weekending y'all.


  1. Maybe soon we'll have the same haircut. I collect these too - blonde pixie cut photos.
    I've done it before ( and can say that the maintenance is kind of a pain but if you don't care that much about pretending that it's real - who cares about some roots? Although I also had a warmer tone than the ones you have here. Might have been easier.

    Also, I'd suggest getting it done by a pro to start and then dye ad hoc on your own. It helps too if you're not super picky about the colour it comes on when you self-dye.

    My 2 cents, anyhow. I'm excited to see it when you're done.

    1. That's the thing, I'm super picky about the color! This is why I need someone else to do it. I'm confident in my ability to figure shit out, even bleach/tone hair chemistry, but I think with bleach application I would probably lose my nerve and not leave it on long enough to get the color I want.

  2. Woah - crazy formatting. Probably because of the url I stuck in there. Sorry!

  3. OPI's Nail Envy is what you want to use to help your nails. Can also be used as a base coat.

  4. I was avoiding OPI because they were acquired by Coty, which does animal testing...but apparently OPI has signed the statement that PETA requires to verify that it does not test on animals. I have some Orly stuff that is similar--but it turns out that the real issue is probably that I don't stick with the program (daily application, etc).

  5. Damn you, I have finally given in to pinterest so I can follow you. I think you'd totally rock the platinum of course.

    I smear that super-thick vitamin E oil over my nails and cuticles constantly during the winter. It seems to work for me, but YMMV of course. And it could be wishful thinking on my part, but dangit, it really seems to work.