Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tunes (UPDATED).

Do y'all know about the band First Aid Kit?

They're a pair of Swedish sisters who basically do straight-up Americana. Oh, good old Swedes. This is the song I heard on the radio recently, which led me to spotify to hear more:

It's good stuff. I should probably start a sibling band, right? I have enough of them. And one of them's in a band already.

Also, I have to admit that this song has been in my head constantly for a month:

Whoever arranged it was ace. I love the instrumentation, and how moody it all is. I don't even care that the song is depressing and that Lana Del Rey is probably bullshit and that her singing is totally unemotional and she has about one zillion hits on youtube. I still dig it.

I continue to be obsessed with Robyn's album, and just recently watched the "Call Your Girlfriend" video for the first time. Have you seen this? It's just her, dancing in a gym, in a single take. She is just the coolest person of all time, the end.

I'm also digging The Belle Brigade (recommended for fans of the New Pornographers and, like, Fleetwood Mac?).

In the last few months I've listened to a lot of Fitz and the Tantrums, Marshall Crenshaw (remember him??), Lykke Li, Best Coast, Syreeta, and Nouvelle Vague, among others. And, um, did I mention that I bought a ticket to see Bjork in NYC in February? I AM GOING TO SEE BJORK. AT LAST. I have only been a fan for 20 years. And seeing her in Iceland is on my ultimate to-do list, but I'm thinking New York will suffice, and I can just go to Iceland separately (also on that list). I'm thrilled to be visiting NYC, too; it's been about 6 years, and for many years of my life I was there several times a year. Plus! I will get to see friends. And BJOOOOORRRRRK.

Excuse me, I have to go start sewing my costume now.

ETA: Rumer is fabulous.


  1. Weirdness that earns instant comment. Seriously, I currently have in my drafts a post which at one time was titled Tunes, in which I have a bunch of tube'd vids linked to stuff I've listened to recently... and I was going to ask people to do the same or at least give recommendations because I'm in one of those consume mass quantities of new music phases. You are a mind reader. I will be sure to listen to these today, as I think I've "found" several other nice sounds from your blog in the past. Yay.

    Also I can't imagine seeing Bjork live in NYC. That sounds very very.

  2. So...remember the small, assistant director of Nixon in China, Kevin? Well, he's in town and he mentioned to me yesterday that he's also going to see Bjork in NYC. If you see him among the thousands, you should say, "Hi! Do you remember me?" Small world.

  3. Funny, I too just watched Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" video for the first time last week. I do think it is cool and I like her dance performances in all of her videos. But I am not a fan of the music really. Not entirely sure why.

    Bjork in NYC sounds amazing.

  4. Jenn, I get it because I don't particularly like "dance" music as a genre, and this skews really close to the craptastic vibe of all pop music right now. There's just something about Robyn that is edgier and more interesting to me. Plus I think she's rad.

  5. ALSO I am updating with another singer I just started listening to.

  6. I saw Belle Brigade in LA last year and liked 'em a lot. But it was my first taste of Extreme Hipsterdom -- fanny packs, giant 80s glasses, headbands, rainbow/kitten sweatshirts, high waisted pleated pants, black socks, white keds, etc. That part was hilarious, but the flailing, childlike dancing about did me in. I think their song Losers is an anthem and a half.

  7. Oh gawd, this is why I would prefer to know nothing about the bands but I can't help finding out. But yeah, I love Losers and it was the song that led me to the album.