Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday tunes.

I'm having that day where I finally remember to listen to a bunch of stuff I've saved to check out on spotify. This is good:

I'm completely exhausted right now, having gone all day yesterday from 7 AM to 1 AM and being at work as usual today. Last night was another installment of Hipshaker Minneapolis, which is a monthly vintage soul/R&B/funk dance party that is super fun but that was too heavily skewed toward oldies-ish stuff last night for my taste. It finally started to get funky as I was trying to go home at midnight. As I was shaking it with Angie, one of my oldest friends, I did briefly consider asking her if, as a teenager, she ever thought we'd be dancing at a university-adjacent club together in our late 30s, but then I just laughed at myself and rolled with it. I've always loved to boogie; why should now be any different? I'm pretty sure that when I was a teenager I just never considered my late 30s. It would have seemed like a non-age to me.

After Zumba on Wednesday night la luna was crazy huge and bright in the clear cold night. I chased the moon down the creek trail for awhile on my bike after class, because I was already so warmed up (the shimmying!) and it was so beautiful. I took the path to its logical conclusion at the neighborhood liquor store for a six pack. There's been too much crap going on this week to bike much, so that unexpected, moon-driven detour was a little gift. Today it was -13F with the windchill when I left the house--not to mention that I was dragging SO much ass this morning--so I bagged the biking today too. I'm looking forward to keeping it very, very mellow for the next few nights. I have two concerts this weekend and just generally a big long day of singing on Sunday. It's good to have musical things on the schedule, but what I would really like is for about 10 more episodes of Downton Abbey to watch.

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  1. I love the idea of the Hipshaker, age be damned!