Friday, February 03, 2012

More shoppin', and then the shoppin' kibosh.

I had temporarily forgotten about my search for black shoes that could be all things to all people, but was recently reminded of it several times when I found myself at a loss for appropriate footwear. The all-purpose black shoe is a very tall order, as you might expect. Danskos aren't really cutting it for me anymore, somehow, and anyway I have enough of those. I actually just had to retire the very first pair I ever bought, the red ones, which I had for over 10 years. The soles just completely disintegrated.

Anyway, the requirements for these black shoes are as follows. They need to be walkable but not, strictly speaking, walking shoes. I can never find flats that I like and that fit me worth a damn, so flats are out. I like a little platform anyway, if I'm not going the barefoot shoe route. The shoes need to work with skirts and trousers and, ideally, jeans. They need to be dressed up *enough* but not incapable of being casual. They need to be slightly funky so that I don't feel womansy when I wear them. Womansy is the other reason many walking shoes are just out of the question. I have a hard enough time not skewing Arty Lady of a Certain Age with this haircut. You see why this has been such a problem for me? Siiiiighhhh, my life is so hard.

Anyway, I got these, way on sale:

They are comfortable so far, not too granny-ish, and I've walked nearly a mile in them today and feel fine. That contrasting tongue is actually very ruffly and cute in real life. And for me, they're a good take on that whole oxford thing I haven't really been able to get behind. I think they are just what I was looking for. Score!

Also, while searching for my all-purpose black shoes, I found these amazing things:

They cost way more than I spend on shoes, so I will just have to admire them from afar. Like from realllly far away, because I am going to put myself on a little old spending diet for the next month or two. Setting up house costs money, of course, so the last month has been a more expensive one than usual, which I get. And I think I'm good with money, good with saving, and good with spending, too, so it's not like I'm looking to overhaul my financial life. Last year I managed to make a $7000 jump in my net worth, even with the shitty market and no extra academic giggery. It's just that sitting down and actually looking at my spending for January made me want to be a little bit more intentional and conscientious about it all. This is mostly just an experiment in doing a better job of making do with what I have, tackling something around the apartment if I find myself wanting to go shopping for home shit, and seeing how much money I can sock away so that I can eventually quit my job and start freelancing again. Yeah, I said it. If a college job is not forthcoming, which it may well NOT be given how things are going in academia and in the job market generally, I have to figure out how else to make money, and I don't really want to do it the way I've been doing it.

I have a summer festival teaching gig in the works but am still figuring out how it's going to jive with my desk job. More details on that when I have them. And I've applied for another college job, so right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my materials get me, at the very least, a phone interview.

Oh yeah. I got to bike to work all week (took a break today) because of this weird, weird, springy weather, and I started Zumba on Wednesday (speaking of womansy). It was totally fun. Can't remember the last time I shimmied that much. Certainly never in a high school gym.


  1. Oh man I love the shoes. Sigh. Good luck with all the job stuffs.

  2. Those shoes are fantastic! Great find. I have yet to find a good pair of all-purpose black shoes. Lately, I've been so lazy, I default to my Chuck Taylors and tell the world to deal. No one seems to care, which is a plus.

    Great good luck to you on the job front. Fingers are crossed. Xo

  3. Those shoes are absolutely great. I mean, really.

  4. Trasherati2/6/12, 2:54 PM

    Are you willing to share where you scored those? They are righteous.

  5. Click the pic, lady! It will take you right to the amazon page.