Saturday, March 10, 2012


This has been just a great day. I love getting up around 8:30, drinking a whole damn pot of tea, and cleaning up my place on a Saturday morning. It was 60 beautiful sunny degrees today, so I threw open the windows and let the apartment air out. I made chickpea flour pancakes with frozen cranberries and ate them with marmalade. I did a couple quick errands, then cruised on my bike to meet a former student for coffee. Do you know how amazing it feels to ride in short sleeves after all the bundling up I've had to do these last many months? Holy crap was that nice. No gloves. No hat under my helmet! Just a dress and tights and boots. Then I biked to my sister Em's and walked with her up along the Mississippi to Henry's dance performance--which featured him tap dancing to James Brown's "I Feel Good" with three other little guys. They did an awesome job and when they walked off stage, we could see them all high-five each other in the wings. It was adorable. And he also did a memorized narration on some piece of jazz history--I forget which bit--and rocked it. I walked my sister home afterwards and then joyfully hauled ass over to my favorite Indian restaurant, where an old college friend was having a birthday party full of delicious pakora and samosas and tons of people and Bollywood videos. I had a couple of beers, a couple of cupcakes, a lot of appetizers, and a little dancing and a ton of visiting. Then I was jetting off again into the night, where OMG LA LUNA was blazing low in the sky and the air was still warm and fresh. I took the long road home, riding up the creek trail where, finally, I was the only biker out there, after a day of heavy bike traffic on the trails. I even thought about taking an extra loop around the lake, but given that we are springing forward tonight and I have to be at my church gig at 8:15, I thought I better just head home and get ready for bed. I ate some broccoli and watched an episode of Felicity and now I am going to close my eyes and get ready for more riding tomorrow. GOOD TIMES.

I hope y'all are having good weekends too.


  1. That all sounds sooooo nice, every bit of it. And in particular this made me extra ready for some warm weather biking adventures. Bring it on, spring!

  2. I forgot to read your blog because I didn't think you were updating much, but I am so happy I came over and read about this PERFECT DAY.

  3. It seems like most everyone I love/d to read is half-assing it these days, so I just subscribe to them on feedly and then I don't miss anything. (FYI.) I'm even subscribed to a bunch from the old days, just in case they decide to resurface.

    I could use another day like this.