Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Take that, life list!!


I finally did the deed on Saturday. It was hella expensive, but I'm thrilled with the results. And given that I've saved jillions of dollars cutting my own hair for 2.5 years, I was probably overdue for some hair expenditure. What's crazy is that I can already see like a millimeter of dark roots, and I'm actually totally intrigued to see how fast my hair really grows. I always thought it was slow. Maybe it's completely average.

More than one person (including my mother) has told me "it just looks normal," which I think is a pretty great reaction. I feel funkier, that's for sure, but still like myself. A self that looks a bit pinker and wants to put on a little powder to mitigate. So a slightly more high-maintenance self.

So, one more item checked off my Ultimate To-Do List (I prefer this to "life list"). Speaking of which: auditions for Miss Hannigan in "Annie" came up in my blogfeed today. Unfortunately, it's for a production in a way-out suburb during a time I'm contracted to be teaching in Iowa. But it means the universe is listening.


  1. I didn't post this on Facebook because I wasn't prepared to deal with the 50 follow-up comments from your legions of admirers who would assuredly agree with me, BUT: you look SO AMAZING!

    Also. I would drive hours to see you play Ms Hannigan.

    Once in high school I used "Little Girls" as my audition song for some random musical. Gangly, stringy-haired, huge-bespectacled 15-yr-old: "I'm an ordinary woMAN, with feeeeeeeelings..."

  2. The color's great, seriously. The cut too -- so much movement! Your hair-doer did you good.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh Melinda, that made me laugh a lot. I am so sorry. And thanks, you two! Lauren, the haircut is allll meeee. Two mirrors, a straight razor, and thinning shears.

  4. The two-mirrors-straight-razor-thinning-shears fu that you taught me was a life-changer. Thank you.

    And you, my friend, rock the shit out of the platinum.