Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just slap on some lipstick, you'll be fine.

Here's what I don't understand about allll the fashions of the future on Star Trek TNG: they are entirely jumpsuit-based. I have been known to wear a jumpsuit myself, but they are very inconvenient for toileting. Has elimination been streamlined in the future? Do you just touch a button and get all that shit evacuated on like a cellular level so that you never have to drop trou? Because if that's the case then sign me up for space jumpsuits.

So,I like to binge-watch TV shows, when I get into them. Recently I did all of Parenthood, and I did allll of Gossip Girl (even though that felt like, as a friend said, suddenly realizing you've eaten a whole bag of Doritos), and I think you all know about Felicity, right? Or maybe I never blogged about that. Now I'm nerding hardcore on a near-daily basis because I have 7 action-packed seasons of Star Trek to get through. And it's very appropriate that I've been watching today, because it's Father's Day and I have very distinct memories of staying up late on schoolnights to watch it with my dad back when I was in highschool. At that point they must have been re-running the early seasons already. Partly I love watching it because I watched it when it was first on, and I remember how progressive it was, and partly I love watching it because it is STILL progressive and honestly some of the things they say on the show--like talking frankly about how they no longer enslave animals for food and how more advanced societies have evolved beyond belief in the supernatural or deities and about terminating pregnancy and so on--well they seem like things that would catch HUGE amounts of flack in our lovely current political climate, you know?

Also, it's just completely ridiculous. If you're a TNG fan you probably already read Fashion It So, the brilliant tumblr takedown of all of the future-fashions featured on the show, but really the show is such a style goldmine that no blog could ever cover all of it. I think my favorite thing about the look of the show is that no matter what glittery jumpsuit the humanoids may wear, no matter what facial ridge they might sport, the hairdos are fully late-80s--though anachronistic hair, or at least hair interpreted strictly through the lens of contemporary fashion, seems to have been a feature of TV and movies with non-contemporary settings until relatively recently.

Also also, to entertain yourself, you can add "in my PANTS" to a lot of Riker's dialogue, e.g.:
Riker: "Red alert!"
You: "In my PANTS."
I suppose it works for anyone on the show, but he's the only one who's supposed to be a swashbuckling and robust lover of ladies.

Anyway, if you want to talk Star Trek, let me know. I can obviously go ON about it.

I had an awesome impromptu night of girl stuff last night with my sister Em and my friend Angie. Yesterday was Henry and Jude's dance recital, and Molly choreographed dances for her classes, and Angie, who is an amazing dancer, takes my sister Molly's hip-hop class, so she was in it too. And oh man, the auditorium was all stunned silence when the grown-ass ladies kicked it to "Run the World (Girls)." There is something inexpressibly moving to me about dance recitals. I'm not talking about the dance recitals of competition studios, where it's all precision moves and phony ponies. But this studio in particular has some awesome features: 1. lots of boys, and classes just for boys, which keeps them involved in dancing and 2. lots of adult classes, and heavy adult participation in the recitals. So like, adults with gray hair and regular squishy bods put on a tutu and do their ballet 1 dance, or they tap in jeans and t-shirts, right after the tiny boys who can barely hold it together in their dinosaur costumes. It's all so cool. And the boys, our boys, did awesome. Jude has a mohawk now and he just grins the whole time he's up there and nailed his moves. And Henry can't help lip-synching the whole time and he excels at any theatrical skit-type stuff that's part of the dance. So that was great and I was holding back the happy/moved tears the whole time.

After all of that, Angie and I went to Emily's for a drink and ended up sitting on the couch and looking at makeup and the contents of Em's Birchboxes and chit-chatting for hours and hours about zits and hair removal and such, and it was awesome. Maybe those things are better when unplanned. All I know is that I left at about 1:30 AM, wearing a polka-dotted fleece jumpsuit/jammies thing (a sweet, unfortunate Christmas gift to Emily from her boyf's mother) that looked so, so terrible on me but felt so good, and I also had on very dark lipstick and a moldable headband. And I woke up this morning wanting to go buy more lipstick, so that's what I did. I think I found the perfect red, too.

It's already 11:30 PM and I have work tomorrow, sigh. I always get a second wind around 10. In this case, it's welcome, because my bed is covered (neatly) with all the clothes I am proposing to take with me on my one-month out of state teaching gig, for which I depart on Friday. Trying to figure out what I'm going to feel like wearing for a month, when that month will encompass who knows what kind of weather and possibly hardcore climate control indoors and ALSO performances both formal and informal--well it's difficult, is all I'm saying. Now I have to figure out where to relocate these clothes so that I can get into bed and go to sleep.

Here are two things you may enjoy, and then I have to pack this up and act like somebody who gets up in the morning.

First, I heard this song on the radio this evening and I really like it and I think you might too.

Second, I've been eating a lot of chickpea flour pancakes for breakfast and I have landed on a basic recipe that really works for me. Chickpea flour is full of protein and other good stuff, so these aren't your carb-bomb pancakes but they ARE delicious and good for you at the same time.

Mix up:
1/2 c chickpea flour
1/4-1/2 c oats or cornmeal or soy flour or whatever else you have
1 t baking powder
Dash salt
Your spices of choice

Add in:
1/2 c almond milk
1/4 c fruit juice
1 t vanilla
1 t coconut oil (liquefied). I'm sure you could leave this out.

Mix it all together and add more liquid, even water, if it seems too thick. I like these to be thin, so the batter is almost crepe-like when I make them. Cook them on med heat with a little cooking spray (I use coconut for this too). This recipe gets me through 3 breakfasts and I eat the cakes with fruit and walnuts, or today I concocted a peanut butter banana sauce that was rad. I have also just eaten them straight up, with my fingers, and I can recommend that course of action too.

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