Friday, August 31, 2012

Falling and stuff.

Here is a numbered list of things that have happened since I've been home.
  1. I went to my 20 year high school reunion a few weeks ago, and it was awesome fun. I danced for 3 hours (to reunion-appropriate hits of the early 90s, such as "Da Butt") in my stupidest shoes, then later fell down an invisible step at a bar and sprained my ankle, thus ending a great night with an ice pack. Hot.
  2. We moved into new digs at my office job, which means I lost my beautiful view of the Mississippi but now have my own (aggressively beige, excessively climate-controlled) office. It's much harder to do the cube-farm prairie dog pop-up and I don't have a secret locker room anymore, but we did find showers in the building and I think, on the whole, it will be a good thing. It's even made me feel better about my job generally. 
  3. I have done crap-tons of cat-sitting. It'll be a total of a month when this current stint is all done. As a cat lady with no cats at home, I am the ideal cat-sitter, especially if you have netflix or some other streaming media on your teevee and a good lounging couch. Plus, I give the cats tons of love. Currently, I'm at my sister Em's with Been and Ollie. Ollie wants all your love, and Been wants to sit on whatever you just set down.
  4. I finished re-watching TNG and started Deep Space Nine. Would you believe I never watched DS9? And that now I'm questioning my loyalty to TNG because DS9 is in many ways a superior show? It's more complex and nuanced, and much more serialized, which makes it fun to watch because I think we've all gotten used to following a good story arc. 
  5. On a related note, my TNG combadge earrings arrived:

    They are small enough to be subtle, but nerdy enough to have stopped several conversations wherein other nerds out themselves by going, "WAIT, are those...?" and I say yes and we snicker. (Do I have to buy some DS9 swag now?)
  6. I bought a ukulele, which is something I've been thinking about doing for a long time. It arrived unexpectedly early on Saturday, I got home at midnight and was delighted to find it waiting, and then I stayed up til 2 learning chords. I can definitively say that I know 14 chords now and there are some others that I've wrapped my hands around but still need prompting on (via my sweet UChord ukulele chord finding app! Whatever will they think of next?). I'm looking forward to my fingers not hurting anymore once I get some more calluses built up, and also learning some more songs from memory. Here's a short list of songs I've played since I got the thing:
      1. Sinful Wishing Well by Caitlin Rose
      2. Silver Dagger (traditional, but the Dolly Parton version is one of my favorite things ever recorded)
      3. Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye, in the style of Roberta Flack
      4. Fools in Love by Inara George
      5. Lilac Wine, Jeff Buckley-style
      6. Video Games, which you already know by heart.
      7. And lots of other stuff that I can't play with any great facility yet. 
  7. I went to the internet cat video festival at the Walker. It was amazing. 10,000 people turned out to watch cat videos on the big screen and it was truly a gigantic love fest. You know what it's like to hear 10,000 people go AWWWWW when Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten? It fills one with fellow-feeling.
  8. I can't stop thinking about buzzing my hair off but I don't think it's quite time yet.
  9. That's all for now. Mostly just saying hi.