Monday, March 11, 2013

Quarterly check-in.

I keep trying to write a post to let the internet know I'm still alive. But guess what, the internet doesn't give a shit! I'm all up in the internet anyway, on tumblr and facebook mostly, so I really feel like I never left. It's just that it's been 3 months since I popped up here in this particular corner. In that stretch of time we've done winter holidays and a couple of grody illnesses and one spectacular hangover, plus, I don't know, 15-20 at home manicures, just gallons of homemade soup and tea, and some very welcome craiglist sales and purchases. Also, I bought a giant-ass TV and I used it to watch several seasons of of Xena: Warrior Princess and then all of Alias and all of The West Wing (while embroidering, building giant pieces of IKEA furniture, doing yoga/situps/pushups, strumming the ukulele, or let's face it, just sitting on the damn couch). The unintentional theme recently has been: A Crap-Ton of Me Time.

It's been a winter of hunkering down and being very very cozy (and also bike rides, but they are what help me cope with what's going on outdoors). A lot of the hunkering/coziness was due to the cat buddy who follows me from room to room, sleeps next to my head, brings all her mousie toys* into my room at night, and peers at me from behind some small obstacle (say, a shoe) when she wants to be starting something. She has been an almost perfect sidekick: she likes to stick around and supervise what I'm doing, but doesn't need every last little bit of my love at all times. It's really easy to hang out at home when you have the softest, fluffiest beastie to hang out with you.

*She now also has a herpes toy and a syphilis toy, both of which I won during the Pro-Choice Resources bowl-a-thon, which was last week. I raised $1620! and now I can be like "my cat brought me her syphilis" or "my cat dropped herpes on my rug."

My plan for the spring, whenever it arrives, is to get out more. Now that there's more light I might even try this thing where I do stuff in the evenings, instead of watching the telly.

For one thing, I need occasions to wear a lot of eyeshadow. Sometime in the last several months I decided to start getting into makeup, like as a fun thing, not a daily necessity. (Today, for example, my face is nekkid, though having typed that I am going to have to dig in my purse for one of the 15-20 [true story] lip products I carry around on the daily, and apply some. I like to keep my lips buttered, regardless of what I have or have not applied to the rest of my face. I would say that I pick up a new lippy thing every few weeks. On the scale of small purchases that make you inordinately happy, I rate lip products an 11.)

Anyway, suddenly I am a person with eyeshadow palettes, and I don't think I'm done buying them, even though it will clearly take me years to get through the eyeshadow I have.

I'm just in the mood to buy makeup--do you go through these acquisitional phases? Like right now I am so uninterested in buying clothes; it sounds like the worst errand, even though all of my clothes are boring, and I have been a boring dresser for months. But makeups! bring them on!! I am allowing myself to be taken in by packaging and marketing!!! (but I still consult for product reviews before every purchase!!) If I want to buy some makeup in the middle of a workday, I can go kitty-corner to the CVS and stare at the Revlon display and nab some Katy Perry fake lashes. I'm pinning products and cuckoo eye makeup configurations on pinterest. I want someone to give me a full Kardashian kontour face, for no reason! I can even somewhat imagine following makeup blogs, except that there aren't any that I can stand apart from Stuff I Put On Myself, which is awesome even if you are not a very pale white chick (I myself am just sort of medium pale). If you like any makeuppy blogs, let me know.

Also let me know if you super-love your hatchback (or other car, I suppose, but I really feel that in my soul I am a hatchback person and I truly miss Fatty, my little old station wagon). Soon enough, it will be time to replace my car, and then I won't be able to afford to replace anything else for ages. Just help spare me some of the research and endless cruising for the perfect used car, and keep in mind that I really want to spend less than $15K. I haven't had a car payment in 10 years, so I'm not looking forward to that.

Okay, really just saying hi. Winnie says hi too.