Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sunday night dread.

I'm trying to stave off the above, as I often do, with food prep. If I have things chopped and cooked and ready to eat for Monday, going back to work doesn't seem nearly as grim, and I just manage my week better. I'm not doing anything fancy: steaming some cubed sweet potatoes and some broccoli, cooking up some black eyed peas, whipping together some lemon-tahini-miso sauce for veggies. I have some elderly kale that needs to be sauteed or something, and I'm making some chickpea pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast, though I might just end up eating them for dinner. Hell, I'm going to eat one now.

I took the 30 Days of Biking pledge, which is basically exactly what it sounds like: you sign a pledge to ride your bike every day in April. It's not about logging big miles, it's about getting your ass in the saddle and riding! I doubt I'm going to join in with any events or anything--I have always been happier flying solo--but the pledge does mean that on busy Tuesday when I had to be all over the place in my car, I took a cold late-night ride just to get a mile in before bed, and it also means that I put my head down and rode through some ridiculous weather on Friday. Friday morning was okay, but by the time it was kosher to leave work, diagonal snow/ice/rain pellets were stabbing us all in the face! I truly did LOLLLL at several points during the ride because it was so appalling; what else could you do? And I kept myself going with literally 20 minutes of terrible, halting, freestyle rapping, which is surprisingly a first for me. I usually make up songs. Sometimes they are just, like, the words "sucka fool" repeated over and over, but the melodies are always interesting.

Despite the fact that this fucking weather cannot make up its mind and it's actually super annoying to commute to work when the evening ride is 20-30 degrees warmer (and requires different layers) than the morning commute, this first week has been good for me. I got a rusty nail in my back tire like 3 weeks ago and then it snowed and got very cold again, and I was just too demoralized to ride for about a week and a half. I mean, I'm ready for sandals, giant floaty pants, and wee shirts with interesting sleeves, yo! I've put my wool away! Fie! So it was good to have to adjust my brain to the fact that I am just riding every day no matter what the weather is doing. Except I am going to be in Chicago for a couple days at the end of the month, and if I don't manage to find a bike to ride for the two full days I'm there, I'm not going to sweat it. Tiny vacations are much more important than foolish consistency (which is the hobgoblin of little minds, as I'm sure you know).

My scalp is recovering from my latest root touch-up, which might be my last for awhile. I'm ready to try something else. I love the white hair--it's the most me-feeling hairdo I've had, I think--but once my roots are grown out I'm going full Sinead. (If you don't get the reference you are either incredibly behind on pop culture OR too young to be reading this blog.) Stay tuned. It'll be June, probably. Just in time for me to go back to music camp for a month and be the freshest mofo in the place. I'm thinking the hairdo will go well with my recent eyeshadow obsession.

Speaking of music (sort of), I finally got Beck's Song Reader and it is beautiful, I mean as an object. They went full-on with the aesthetic of old sheet music and the advertising and just everything. I'm reading my way through the songs a bit at a time on the uke--a couple of the songs even have ukulele chords attached to them--and one of these days I'll take them to the piano too. I told my nephew Henry about it and suggested that maybe we could do one of them together, with Jude too, and he thought that was a cool idea. Once you tell a kid about something you really have to do it or you are a huge asshole. So there are some multigenerational jams in our future, which we may or may not record for posterity.

Winnie Blondeen continues to unfurl her personality in increments. I may have bragged too much about what a perfect bedfellow she was, sleeping so peacefully on a pillow by my head until the alarm actually went off. Now she seems to have remembered that she is a cat and that sleeping all night is totally bogus, so I've had to chuck her out of the room at 5:30 AM the past week or so. Also, after charming me with her silent meow initially, she has become very audibly chatty, which is also totally charming, albeit less so when it is 5:30 AM and I am trying to stay asleep. And also also, after completely ignoring the bathroom for four months, she has developed a love of destroying and munching on toilet paper. So, it's a relationship that continues to develop. I hope one day she will be more accepting of guests in our home, but if you come over you can expect a hiss and a whack and then she will stay nearby to monitor the situation. I have to admire a girl who sets her boundaries so explicitly.


  1. Hmm, I tried to comment on this a couple of days ago but the interweb ate it up. Perhaps something to do with trying to comment via my iPad? So, testing this now and if it appears I will post what I wanted to in the first place.

  2. Okay!

    So, a few things:

    1. Awesome on the 30daysofbiking!! And I hear ya (as you know) on this crap April weather we have been experiencing. It's hard to go out in those conditions but I do truly believe that when you do, it makes you stronger in the head.

    2. Sinead! I'm excited and a little envious that you are ready to do this. I also have a hair cut booked for June and I think (think?) it might be time for me, I might be ready for, the proper short haircut I have been talking about for years. I'll use you as inspiration!

    Um, that might have been it. I was just happy to see so many new posts lately. It's nice to see you back.