Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bits and bobs.

I'm sure I've used that post title before.

 It was 90-something degrees yesterday. There was frost over the weekend. Who else is tired of climate change? When I saw the forecast for Tuesday I ordered an air conditioner in anticipation. Last summer I just sucked it up, but this year I have a very furry beastie living with me and I really don't want to subject her to extreme heat.

 I had a photoshoot on Monday night with a friend who's expanding his photography side biz into headshots. I went in with no plan and a bottle of wine and now there are a lot of terrible shots of me putting my hands in my hair and looking like he just instructed me to do that very thing, and then a bunch of me dancing around like a jackass, and some that look like your friendly realtor who shops at Eileen Fisher (not the look I'm trying to rock, FYI), and one of me in a tight red dress walking like an Egyptian. Plus others that are not so comical. Hopefully we'll be able to locate a couple of useful ones in the midst of all the ridiculousness. It was fun, regardless. Every time I do something like that these days I have this fleeting sense of "this might be the last time I look this good," which I do realize is stupid, and just means I'm sopping up what the world is telling me about being a lady who is getting older.

Anyway, once some good-enough shot has been lightly retouched for public viewing, I will share it here. 

Who has shopped for a new (used) car recently? Am I the only person who is totally overwhelmed by this? I have it narrowed down to like 4 models now and I need to start test-driving but I am scared of dealerships, even the ones with good reviews. I made a conscious decision to kind of stop fixing stuff on my current hoopty because of impending new car purchase, and I need to buy something before that decision backfires all over me. When my car got towed a couple weeks ago the idea of just leaving it at the impound lot did flit through my brain. Haha. For one thing, the AC compressor went out last summer and I just had them disconnect it from the fan. I'm not going to drive an oven again this summer.

I'm also getting a kayak, I've decided. There's a free try-before-you-buy kind of thing happening after work at the next lake over, so I'm going to go to that and then probably just find something on craigslist. An inflatable thing, most likely, so I can throw it in the back of whatever car I eventually buy.

I finally had a diet Dr P today after several days of jonesing, and now I am awash in chemical regret.


  1. Curious, what vehicles have you narrowed it down to? We bought new most recently (2007) but I agree - the whole process is exhausting and I don't even find buying a new (or new to me) vehicle to be fun. Lots of cash and just blergh. But a necessary blergh.

    As to your photo shoot - sounds so fun! I hear ya though, on that sense of feeling like you look good but maybe as good as you look now will not stay true for long. I agree that it's bullshit but I can't help feeling that way sometimes. I want to be fine, happy, etc about looking older. But I am not, really.

    I'm thinking of working on this through a portrait project for my 40th year. But the idea of a 365 project kinda bores me at the same time. That said, it's in the dailiness and the "realness/authenticity" of a photo every single day (and one that isn't re-touched much, just some contrast adjustment and possibly nuking a really huge zit now and again) that makes me think I might get more comfortable with the middle aged me.

    Looking forward to having you share some of the photos here.

    1. Honda Fit (probably), Ford Focus hatchback (strong maybe), Mazda3 hatchback if I trip over some more money (haha), Kia Soul even though it's weird looking and I want something with better gas mileage because I just find them inexplicably charming. For pure looks, though, I would take a new-as-possible Mazda3. SO good-looking.

  2. My car is getting pretty old too and yet it keeps on running well. That thin top layer of paint is also peeling off, so that's cool. All this is to say that I am thinking about vehicles* a lot lately too, and I am TOTALLY DREADING the whole purchase process. It's such a racket. Trasherati said had a good experience with Carmax, FWIW.

    Looking forward to the pictures.

    *Either a pickup (such as a couple of years old Frontier or Ranger) or a Subaru. I do like a Mazda, though.

    1. Hmm, we don't appear to have Carmax around. I can totally see you in all of those vehicles. If Subarus got better mileage I'd be all over them. I honestly don't even know why I'm worried about mpgs though--I drive a max of like 6000 miles per year.

    2. My compressor crapped out last year, too, and the jerks never told me they could disconnect it from the fan so I could at least, you know, blow hot air around the cabin.
      I'm debating having it repaired due to the Toyota having 207K miles on it.
      Gonna' have to go back to Carmax soon, I guess : ) I wish you had one there - it was awesome and I'll never darken the door of a dealership again.

      I wanna' ride in the back of Jag's truck..on a haybale. Drinkin' beer.

    3. We'll make a truck pool in the bed and chill out back there.

      I don't drive that much either really. Just a couple of long trips a year and a little bit around the Tennessee Valley. You see a lot of Subarus in the mountains so they seem like home to me in a way.

      But I really want a truck.