Friday, June 14, 2013

Bought me a car, my car pleased me, fed my car under yonder tree.

Last week I took care of the entire car-buying enterprise, from test-drives to loan finalizing to buying the ding-dang thing to driving around and showing it off to people. I got a copper red 2009 Mazda 3 hatchback and it is the cutest. I had written off the Mazda 3 as being generally more than I wanted to spend and not as good on gas as I wanted it to be. Then this one came up in the listings, way under blue book retail price, in an interesting color, and I remembered that I don't actually drive that much, like maybe 6000 miles a year, and that I've been admiring this car for over a year, and I called the dealership instantly. I, who will go out of the way to avoid placing phone calls. When I test-drove it, a heron flew overhead, which felt like a good omen, but really was probably just an indication that I am frequently next to heron habitats. 

Anyway, if you're thinking about buying a car and the FEEL of the car is important to you, I recommend test-driving early in the process instead of researching forever and THEN test driving, because it might help you eliminate some stuff. Like, if I'd driven a Kia Soul right after I started considering them, I would have stopped looking at them and bookmarking them. It was fine and fun but didn't feel like me. Similarly, the redesigned Focus hatchback is a beautiful car that felt completely alien once I was in it. And the Honda Fit, which I drove in a gorgeous midnight blue-violet color, bounced me around like corn in a popper (it was still my top contender next to the Mazda). All of this hands-on information would have been helpful and would have prevented me from spending so much time dicking around on auto websites.

But, here I am after all of it, with a delightful, sporty, speedy little machine that feels just exactly like me, something I have not experienced ever. Now all I have to work out is how to transport my bike on it when I am carrying too much crap to throw it in the back. This happens so very rarely as to make the expenditure of a roof or trailer rack a pretty dumb investment, but trunk racks aren't really made to deal with spoilers. Oh the dilemmas.

A week from today I'll be heading one state south to do the same music festival teaching gig I did last year, for a whole month, huzzah! I am so looking forward to mostly abandoning my desk job and just being a musician for awhile. Leaving my cat is the thing freaking me out most about the trip--not all the prep work I have yet to do (so much laundry and housecleaning), or the gigs on my schedule, or the music I have to learn for the festival itself, or all the lessons I have to fit in before then, etc. Just my kitty. We have such a nice little life, you know. I wish I could take her with me, but she's going to my folks' house, where hopefully she will be friendly enough to her temporary keepers, but won't become so accustomed to more space that she will never be content to live in a one bedroom apartment again. 


  1. Thank you KA because we are researching new cars and have been for months - on paper. Should really get out and check them out in person. Huzzah for summer months being a musician!

  2. Test-driving cars before deciding what to purchase is, indeed, a must-do for every car buyer. You might be eyeing a specific car to complement you the most, but after driving it for the first time, you might realize that it is not. So, as you said, test-driving different cars before zoning in on one will make you pick the right vehicle that's fit for you. Thank you for sharing!
    Arlyne @ Spartan Toyota Scion