Monday, November 18, 2013


A friend of mine recently gave me her fancy cable channel password and I am now tempted never to leave the house again. Already I feel more pop-culturally literate, having finally watched GIRLS (verdict: I think it's great, I get why some people would hate it). And I started VEEP, and Enlightened, and I'm going to watch The Newsroom, and I might rewatch 6 Feet Under. I might even watch Sex and the City, a show I've never really grabbed onto. See what I mean? And it's about to be deep dark winter, so.

On the flip side, I'm thinking about joining one of those 24 hour a day gyms. There's one less than a mile from home, there's a Groupon, etc. I'm actually into the proximity more than the open all day thing, but who knows, I could turn into a midnight gym rat.

Totally unrelated to either of the above, I still don't feel like dating, and I think as a result I am wearing an invisibility cloak, albeit with purple hair and a bunch of eyeshadow, where dudes are concerned. If I feel like emerging from it I'll let you know.


  1. I would love to discuss Girls with you - I am so wavery on the fence about it, completely. I think Adam makes me the queasiest so maybe that is why. Maybe I am just sad to have my 20-something concerns up on the screen, warts and all. I find it really weird how much dudes like it and WHY? I have asked them, they cannot answer.
    I started Newsroom last week and almost burst out laughing and was absurdly touched at the same time at the amount of idealism threaded into it, it's so SWEET that they think news could be a tool of informed voters. But I was sucked in, though the females (2 episodes in) seem a leeeetle scattered and I look forward to them settling down.
    We just joined the Y near our house and holy cow, all the difference in the world being on our route home. We go 4 times a week right now, totally worth it. Try it!
    Listen, when you live in the North and the sun goes down at 4:30 and it's dark and cold and wintery - TV and the gym are pretty much the only saviors. And good people blogging often.

    1. It's interesting--I spent so much time READING about GIRLS (because it was all over the femblogosphere) that maybe my reaction to it was kind of overdetermined. Like, I had seen ALL the praise and ALL the critique and knew going in what was deemed problematic about the show. It turned into a popular sport to talk about all the privilege at play in the show and I just sort of feel like, who the fuck cares? As Hannah says in the first ep, "I could be the voice of my generation!" and then she amends "well, A voice of A generation." That, to me, sums up the entire show--she's not trying to speak for anybody but herself and I really don't think it's Lena Dunham's responsibility to speak for anyone else, I just don't. Also, I watched Tiny Furniture earlier this year and I figured that was a good litmus test (I liked it). Her problems (both in the movie and in the show) are so stupid and real and petty and huge, and it seems to me that she completely gets this. At the same time, I completely see how the privilege and the pettiness would turn people off.

      I wonder if people expect Dunham to speak for more of us because she looks like a regular person. I was pleased with how quickly I adjusted to seeing an average naked person on screen.

  2. I am just now watching GIRLS and I haven't' read too much about it in advance. My hubby watched the entire first season in a fit of insomnia and he said he thought it was good. I like what I have seen so far, although lots of bits of course make me squeemish (just watched Hannah's diary turned into a song on stage).

    Interestingly, when I watch I don't feel like it is speaking or representing "me" because I feel too old. Not in a bad way, I just feel like only part of my 20s looked like that. But excellent point - why would we think a tv show *should* speak for us?

    Also, invisibility cloak..... interesting.

  3. I like everything you say here about Lena Dunham. I do think she gets it, and I think her work is important. I love Tiny Furniture too. It galls me when GIRLS is criticized for not being everything to everyone and I think it's because sexism.

    Newsroom drove me bonkers, but I love Veep and Enlightened. Also, has anyone seen Web Therapy? It's so good!