Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Someone should invent a cat toothbrush that you can attach to a cardboard box and then cats can just rub their little faces all over it and brush their own teeth, since they want to manically rub the edges of cardboard boxes anyway. I'm not going to invent it, I'm just putting it out there for you.

There is an insurance company in MN using the slogan "Live Fearless" and every time I'm subjected to one of their ads, I say "UGH" out loud. It's totally involuntary (and necessary).

As part of my ongoing effort to make Move Yer Ass a way of life, I'm working on establishing the habit I'm calling "Walkies!" when I write it on my calendar. Walkies! is a 25 minute loop from this lake over to the next one and back and I would like to do it every day, even the days I am running or biking or whatever it is I'm going to do when we're in the deep freeze, like possibly joining one of those 24 hour a day gyms because there's one less than a mile from here. It'll be me and some dudebros lifting weights at 11 PM.

I have no idea how I missed this post until just a few days ago, but here is an oral history of Wet Hot American Summer. Quoth Paul Rudd on his character: "You just try and have fun within those parameters of douchebaggery and bandanna-ism." You can thank me later. This movie is one of my classic texts and I own this print because of it (and also because the print is cool. I bought it at that gallery, even!).

Today the cat has been called Beastie, Beefsteak, Choplicker, Fluffbutt, Poo-face, Win Win Situation, and Sweetheart.

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