Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Other "problems" that scream "I'm a complete asshole"

1. Opening Bota Box just now was really hard
2. Cat chewed through cord of my white noise machine at 5:30 this morning, subjecting me to horrible peaceful silence
3. "Genius" at apple store had to take my lappo away for 5 days to do $900 worth of free repairs (why are $900 worth of things failing in the first year? discuss)
4. Lack of fine snacking cheese in the house
5. Beat the last level on Candy Crush, representing one million hours of my free time, and there are no more levels to play on mobile app
6. Fancy Sephora nail polish "system" received for free from most excellent friend/employee of aforementioned store is total bullshit, yielding manicure that took a long time, never dried properly, and then peeled off in sheets
7. Only harem pants that meet my rigorous specs are $178 at Eileen Fisher and out of my reach


  1. These things make me like you! Not an asshole! I covet some Eileen Fisher and I wonder if I'll ever be at the point in my life where a 285 dollar sweater in "whisper grey" doesn't seem like a big huge deal. Snackable cheese now, that's within our reach.

  2. My biggest problem right now is that I lack delicious Sfogliatelle that was recently introduced into my life by someone who shall remain nameless.