Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another year of pro-choice bowling!

Hi buddies. Once a year, I use this dusty space to ask for money for a cause I believe in: reproductive justice. Reproductive justice is, of course, about abortion rights, but it encompasses a lot more than that: access to a full spectrum of reproductive health care, sexuality as a human right, comprehensive sexuality education, support for parenting, support for relinquishing mothers and adopted children, and much more.

Pro-Choice Resources is a local, grassroots organization with programs that reach regional, national, and even international populations. It's not a clinic or a lobbying organization--rather, they work to reduce barriers to reproductive health access, and PCR is the only organization of its kind in the country to offer education, advocacy, financial assistance, and outreach under one roof.

So that's pretty cool, but every year they also host this kick-ass Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser where pro-choice allies from all over the area get together (and frankly, compete) to raise money for PCR's programs. We end up raising at least 10% of their annual operating budget through this event, which is pretty cool.

Every donation in any amount is WELCOME and IMPORTANT. Significant giving doesn't have to mean a large amount of money--if you are supporting something that is significant to you and giving an amount that works for you, you become a significant donor.

I support PCR because I believe that abstinence-only education is ignorant and dangerous, that education and access are crucial to reducing STDs and unplanned pregnancies, that every child should be a wanted child, and that we need to fight a political climate that has become incredibly hostile to women's autonomy. Join me!

You can donate online here. Thanks so much for considering this.