Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm 40 now.

I have some things to say about being 40, and I keep meaning to write them here, but in the meantime I made you (and everyone) another mixtape. Did you know "Love Don't Live Here Anymore," which I always knew as a Madonna song, is actually a cover? I felt like a real dumbass about that, so Rose Royce's original is on this mix. If you haven't already been listening to Robin & Royskopp's "Monument" on repeat, especially on gray days, now is your chance to get on it.  And a bunch of other stuff I've been talking about all year, like Ainslie Wills and Hiatus Kaiyote and Lost in the Trees and Laura Mvula, are all up in this piece too. Please enjoy.



  1. Thanks for your playlist, I haven't listened yet but I enjoy seeing that it is full of artists that I have never heard of before. Not true, I recognize like 14 out of 38, but still. I've been stuck in a rut of whatever "new alternative" music XM radio wants to shove down my throat, so I should probably branch out every now and then. Plus I like & use Spotify so you get points for that too. Happy 40! Have a good weekend!

  2. Also, I'm two songs into this playlist, and what a jam! Ladi6 I discovered this year but I usually never know the artists you post. My rotation is far too dudely.

    1. You know at some point I think I just decided to make sure I was listening to a lot of chicks and now that is my default. It was definitely my tendency from very early on in my life as a music listener, but there were some hip hop and alt-co heavy years where most everything coming up when I shuffled was menz. And when I started reading mp3 blogs back in the day, in order to find new music, I would say that stuff tended to be really dude-heavy too.

      I was actually thinking of making a dude-rock playlist.

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