Thursday, October 30, 2014

Waifs or is it Waives

What I learned from Gilmore Girls
So, as you may know, Gilmore Girls just became available to stream for the first time EVAR and since I missed most of the show when it was on TV and have been in the mood for a massive girly binge and had some time this month, I have already blasted through the entire thing. I know, I know, it's so impressive. I even got it all done before I caught this stupid cold that would've given me the excuse of being home sick to justify the binge to the outside world. I don't bother justifying it to myself; it falls under the category of I DO WHAT I WANT and also PROCRASTINATION IS MY FAVORITE FORM OF RESISTANCE (which is an idea I came across somewhere and have been thinking about a lot lately).

I don't actually need to talk about the show because its wonder and ridiculum are both well, well documented. I very much enjoyed shipping Luke/Lorelai, watching Kelly Bishop be amazing and Melissa McCarthy be adorable, and seeing baby Jon Hamm, Danny Pudi, Krysten Ritter, Nick Offerman, Carole King, Sherilyn Fenn (in two different roles), plus a lot of "hey it's that guy!" kind of appearances by actors we've all seen on other shows. Those things all feel like little in-jokes.

I don't really need to talk about the music either--the music on the show was good!--but what I do want to mention is a song that appears in snippet form in a season 5 episode and with which I'm now a little bit obsessed:

So imagine that you're a dental hygienist living in Topanga Canyon and working in Beverly Hills in 1970, and one of your famous composer patients asks for your demo and then helps you record the songs you've been writing in private, and your record gets released and no one notices, and then record freaks discover it over the years and finally in 2000 you learn that your little record has become this cult hit and has been put out on CD. That's what happened to Linda Perhacs (read that lovely profile please), and "Chimacum Rain" is the first song on her 1970 album, Parallelograms. 

Learning about this artist has been my main takeaway from Gilmore Girls. Thanks, TV!

Waifs or is it Waives
I tend not to be big into wispy folk singing types, but I'd been thinking about making a WAIFS playlist anyway, for chilly gray fall days, and "Chimacum Rain" put me over the edge. Still adding to it and haven't put it in order yet, but here it is:

My least favorite dosage directions
"Take to bowel tolerance." The only way to determine this is to get all the way to "bowel intolerance" and then back up a little.

Numbers, real quick
I am a big old work in progress where strength training is concerned but I hit some personal milestones a couple weeks ago that I haven't bragged about/documented anywhere yet. I finished up one strength training program (Fit Woman Blueprint, just the workouts, which I liked--can't speak to the rest of the program) and before starting the next thing (New Rules of Lifting for Women) I wanted to take a little break and do something different. I mostly didn't do any resistance work for a week but one night I went over to the gym with the goal of finding my 1 rep max (1RM) on bench press, squat, and deadlift. I hadn't really done any of these exact standard lifts since the summer, though there were other types of chest/shoulder presses, squats, and deadlifts in the program I was using. I found some online thing to guide me through warming up to the 1RM and followed that, kind of loosely, but I followed it. Here's what I ended up with:
Bench press: 80 pounds
Squat: 115 pounds
Deadlift: 150 pounds
I'm happy with all of those, though the only one I pushed to "failure" was the bench press (it was 11 PM, I work out solo, and I wanted to be sure I had enough gumption to do both squats and deadlifts). I'm certain I could go higher on both the squat and the deadlift. The next goal is a bodyweight deadlift (that's about another 25 pounds, I think), and after that, a bodyweight squat, which is further off in the future unless I decide to focus on squats for some reason. And I want to get standard push-ups!

Important Winnie update
My cat loves kleenex and will dig in my purse to find it. When she finds it, she holds it down with her paws and chews it very seriously and protects it if you try to take it away. The end.


  1. I am curious about the Fit Woman Blueprint - I'm not a big strength training person but cardio is not making anything change - do you think a total novice who only goes tot he gym 3 times a week would benefit - (she asks before plunking down $37)?
    Also, I just love it when you write. The End.
    Plus. Anne of Green Gables themed wedding: Puffed sleeves for miles

    1. PS I love it when YOU write.

  2. Yes! There's no need to hit the gym more than 3X/week. Just take a nice walk or a bike ride on your non-gym days and give yourself a day of rest somewhere in there. The program is a combo of free weight and bodyweight exercises and a few cable machine things. Lots of variety. The only drawback, I would say, is that all the workouts take about an hour, especially while you're figuring out how to do everything, and not everyone wants to spend that much time getting gymified. You could follow Sean Flanagan on facebook--he runs specials pretty frequently and I think I got the program at a substantial discount.
    Oh sweet lordy that wedding!

  3. Winnie kills me.

    I'm looking forward to feeling like I can go the gym and hook up with a personal trainer and learn to do some shit the right way and just generally be mindfully strong for probably the first time ever in my life.


  4. "White Way of Delight." I'll say! Pretty wedding, though. I've never read AOGG (I know). I will.

    That song story is amazing! I love that kind of stuff. Beautiful song too. I watched GG sporadically when it came out. I enjoyed Paris.

    Zooey eats paper towels and Kleenex too. He's otherwise so polite. He only does it in private.

    Thanks for the weightlifting info. It's essential that I start. But of course I'm sitting here with my wrist on ice, barely able to lift a coffee cup. Rando aches and pains, grr.

    I like it when all y'all write.

  5. Wow, that Fit Blueprint looks pretty great.

  6. P.S. Take to bowel tolerance. LOL. What a dance.